Haute Couture

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What is Haute Couture?

Directly translated "Haute Couture" is "Sewing at a high level" But the best translation for the phrase could be "finest high fashion sewing".

During the fashion seasons Haute Couture normally has it's own show separate from other collection. These shows are often highly anticipated due to the very over the top exaggerated designs that seem unfit for normal everyday wear, however they are really fun to watch.

A lot of times certain aspects of the garment are tuned down and modified to be recreated for the masses. (See image)

These garments are truly walking works of art . Haute Couture represents a very old tradition of creating garments by with pain stacking care. Although we enjoy the luxury of sewing machines first introduced in about 1755. Those who practiced the art of fine sewing used their hands for the entirety of the garment. This technique made each design more intricate and special...but, it must have taken ages to complete! The higher the price of the clothing equals, the more hand sewing involved, even to this present day!

Haute Couture is mainly located in Paris and although a lot of designers like to toss around the word "haute couture" only a very select few can actually genuinely claim the title. In France the term "haute couture" is strictly controlled by the Chamber Syndicate De La Parisienne, (Parisian High Fashion Syndicate) the governing body of fashion house. The use of the term is reserved exclusively for the groups members. Who meet the strict qualifying rules. Here they are, (you may be familiar with some of the names);